Hey guys. I just came to the realization that we don't have an infobox for the individual areas (Not caves, Areas like tropical Wilds, Forest of Hope, Perplexing Pool, etc.). I'm not that skilled with making them, and I'm trying to learn on Community Central's tutorials. Anyone who is skilled in Source Mode, please, you know what to do. It's odd that we have a cave template, but not an area template. Yeh, I know the people that created them are gone from this wiki, but hopefully we can work this out. 

Update: I think I'm done now. I've added the following categories:


How to Unlock

Pikmin Discovered


Caves (hidden)

Ship Parts (hidden)

Treasures (hidden)

Fruits (hidden) 

(hidden) means it will not appear if it is not being used. These are things that may apply to one game only, such as treasures. 

So, if anyone knows how to create templates, you can copy and paste the source from here: Click Here, and then upload it as a proper template so we can use it. Thanks in advance. 

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