Well folks, the day has long gone and past. That's right, most old editors on this wiki have gone and moved to an independent wiki known as Pikipedia. Seems like just yesterday when I first joined this wiki and was making those useless categories and pointless edits, and now we're here. A moment to go down in Pikmin community history. 

For any new editors who happen to find Pikmin Wiki as a new home, please note that we are not stopping you from starting this wiki up again. We're leaving this wiki in perfect condition, and you are completely free to rebuild the community here. As for if any editors would like to rebuild the wiki and request admin status, you'd be better off talking with one of the current admins (if they still have their admin rights), and if not, request adminship from Wikia. It'd be great if you could join us on Pikipedia, and it'd benefit the Pikmin community in the long run, but that choice is up to you. 

For those wondering, the process of the merging is nearly complete, with a couple bunch of pages left to merge. Most of those include Mission Mode and Bingo Battle Stages; in general, mostly just Pikmin 3 stuff. It'd be great if you could help, but, like always, it's your choice. But it also depends on when you're reading this. :P

Well, we've definetly had some good times here, especially those days leading up to Pikmin 3, but, its time we left the nest. I've truly met some good friends here, and had some memories on this wiki. I'm actually looking back at those memories as I'm writing this. We will miss this wiki, but its for the best, as all of our decisions. We hope that you either join us in our exodus to Pikipedia or find a better home here at Pikmin Wiki. From all the editors at Pikmin Wiki (who joined the exodus), goodbye Wikia! You've certainly been a good host for the time we've been here, and we'll remember the place for sure. 

-AeroBlaze777, on behalf of the editors moving to Pikipedia. 

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