New Data File Page Layout

So I recently worked up a new layout for all Data File Pages. It goes like this: 

Here is the text of the Data File. Make sure it is Italicized (Hope I spelled that right :P). 

  • Area: State the area where the data file is. (Ex: Garden of Hope, Formiddable Oak, ect.)
  • Location: State a specific location of the data file, NOT DIRECTIONS ON HOW TO GET IT. Specific locations should do. 

If the Data File is not obtained on the map, Use this layout:

This is the text.

  • How to Obtain: State the specific thing needed to get the data file. (Ex. Obtain Dodge Whistle, Discover Mysterious life form, ect.)

So, I recently used it for the Controls Data File Page. Let me know what you think!

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