Incorrect Things in Pikmin 3

Now, this is refering to the game itself, not anything on the wiki. Here are some weird incorrect things that Pikmin 3 has:

  • Many fruits appear the same, but weigh less. This could be that the fruits are smaller than in Pikmin 2, or the pikmin are just stronger. 
  • Considering the size of the Koppites, a Cupid's Grenade should be able to fill a good 5 jars, and who knows how many a Wayward Moon would give... :P 
  • Technically, one whole Disguised delicacy should weigh 10, but many fruits that are 10 are much larger, like the Crunchy Deluge. 

And That's All I got so far. If you want to tell me anything, post a comment. I made this blog because some of this stuff could make fair trivia. 

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