So, we've recently found a website with most models of treasures from Pikmin 2. The site is at the Cutting Room Floor. The website will be found here:

These pictures should be used for the infoboxes. This will help a lot with the pages with bad infoboxes. As you can see, we have been doing this for a while, and you can see this on the Wiki Activity. We can really use some help.

Note: The people who have played the NTSC version should handle the NTSC pics, and the same with those who have played the PAL version.

This website also has some Pikmin stuff, but Pikmin 2 is a larger game to cover at the moment. So, help out if you can! 

Examples of the Pictures

Note that these pictures are much better than the ones we have. These are exact models, which is what we really need. 

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