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October 30, 2010
  • I live in in da hood
  • I was born on November 13
  • My occupation is im forced to go to school
  • I am Shemale

Hi everyone. I'm PikminPlay. I like Pikmin a lot. I've played and beaten Pikmin 1,2, and The Wii Motion Controls. I am excited for Pikmin 3! My favorite pikmin is the blue one. My favorite character is Louie, and I like his notes about enemies. I always am replaying Pikmin games. My favorite character in Brawl is Olimar and I collected all the Pikmin stickers and trophys, not to mention the Forest of Hope is my favorite SSBB stage.

Easter Eggs! For Pikmin Games:

  • If you take out the l in "Olimar, and unscramble the letters, his name is Mario. Olimar also has the same personality of Mario and has the lead role.
  • In Pikmin 1: Wii Motion Controls, you can go back days, but can't go forward.

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