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CaveHazardsLocationSublevelsTreasuresTotal treasure worth (Pokos)Total enemy worth (Pokos)
Emergence CavenoneValley of Repose2348022
Subterranean Complexfire, electricity, poisonValley of Repose9161470 (NTSC)
1400 (PAL)
Frontier Cavernfire, electricity, poison, waterValley of Repose8151395
Hole of BeastsfireAwakening Wood561100
White Flower Gardenfire, poisonAwakening Wood57580 (NTSC)
670 (PAL)
Bulblax Kingdomfire, electricity, waterAwakening Wood7101240
Snagret Holepoison, electricity, waterAwakening Wood7151215 (NTSC)
1245 (PAL)
Citadel of Spidersfire, electricityPerplexing Pool511795
Glutton's KitchenelectricityPerplexing Pool614715 (NTSC)
825 (PAL)
Shower Roomfire, electricity, poison, waterPerplexing Pool7141220 (NTSC)
1240 (PAL)
Submerged Castlefire, electricity, poison, waterPerplexing Pool513690 (NTSC)
760 (PAL)
Cavern of Chaosfire, electricity, poison, waterWistful Wild10171940 (NTSC)

1920 (PAL)

Hole of Heroesfire, electricity, poison, waterWistful Wild15132185 (NSTC)

2215 (PAL)

Dream Denfire, electricity, poison, waterWistful Wild14215965 (NTSC)

5945 (PAL)

AreaGameTreasures/ship partsTotal treasure worth (Pokos)Requirement
The Impact SitePikmin2N/Anone
The Forest of HopePikmin8N/AMain Engine
The Forest NavelPikmin9N/A5 ship parts
The Distant SpringPikmin10N/A12 ship parts
The Final TrialPikmin1N/A29
Valley of ReposePikmin 27990none
Awakening WoodPikmin 27765 (NTSC)
805 (PAL)
Spherical Atlas
Perplexing PoolPikmin 27560 (NTSC)
450 (PAL)
Geographic Projection
Wistful WildPikmin 25320510,000 Pokos

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