Unknown Merit
Thumb unknownmerit
Appears in Pikmin 2
Treasure Hoard Number 55
Series Ancient Secrets Series
Value PokoIconx100
Weight 5
Max Carriers 10
Location Bulblax Kingdom
The Unknown Merit is actually Wadōkaichin (和同開珎), which is a piece of Japanese currency. It is found in Sublevel 4 of the Bulblax Kingdom inside the body of a Wollywog that falls from the sky. There are electrical hazards nearby that may greatly hinder progress.


Olimar's Journal

"Detailed analysis has revealed that this artifact is extremely ancient. It's obviously an important archeological discovery, but the salesman in me is more interested in its monetary value! Maybe I'll get the best of both worlds by selling it to a museum."

Sales Pitch

"Decades of toil with nose to the grindstone. Insulting orders swallowed without a hiccup. Such is the life of a salaried man. His name will not be remembered. His family will not understand. But if the results bear out his efforts, that is enough. Now, nose to the grindstone, drone!"