Twilight Hollow

Collect the Treasure

Twilight Hollow
Time Limit 10:00
Treasures 42
Pokos (w/o time bonus) PokoIconx3240
World Record 13740
Co-Op World Record 13380
Yellow Pikmin 22
Purple Pikmin 15
Winged Pikmin 43
Twilight Hollow

Battle Enemies

Time Limit 9:00
Enemies 37
Points (w/o time bonus) 465
World Record 12465
Co-Op World Record 11835
Red Pikmin 6
Rock Pikmin 6
Wing Pikmin 10

Twilight Hollow is a level in Pikmin 3's Mission Mode, and is the fall based area. It is made up of a large pool of water surrounded by areas of land seperated by different barriers. Lily pads are used to traverse the water in this area. It is based off of the Twilight River in Pikmin 3's story mode. 

Collect Treasure

Pikmin (80)

Enemies (6)

Treasure (42)

Obstacles (18)

  • Dirt Wall (x2)
  • Electric Gate (x2)
  • Climbing Stick (x2)
  • Spotcap (x5)
  • Kingcap (x3)
  • Lily pad (x3)
  • Bridge (Requires 24 fragments)

Batttle Enemies

Pikmin (22)

Enemies (37)

Obstacles (10)

  • Crystal (x2)
  • Bamboo Gate (x2)
  • Lily Pad (x3)
  • Small Crystal (x1)
  • Geyser (x1; Encased in Small Crystal)
  • Bridge (Requires 24 fragments)


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