Tropical Forest Remix

Collect the Treasure

Tropical Forest Remix
Time Limit 8:00
Treasures 24
Pokos (w/o time bonus) PokoIconx1810
World Record 9670
Co-Op World Record 9100
Red Pikmin 33
Yellow Pikmin 17
White Pikmin 12

WiiU screenshot GamePad 012BD

Tropical Forest Remix on the Gamepad.

Tropical Forest Remix is map that was released in the November 6th, 2013 DLC. It was given to all players for free, while the following four maps could be purchased via the eShop. The stage features many Ivory Candypop Bud, giving the player the chance to obtain many White Pikmin and strategize with their great mobility.

 Collect Treasure






  • Dirt Wall (x2)
  • Electric Gate (x1)
  • Bridge (x1)
  • Bouncy Mushroom (x1)


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