Three Color Training
Three Color Training
Sublevels 1
Time Limit sublevel 1 - 230
Pokos (w/ no death bonus

& w/o time bonus)

Yellow Pikmin 30
Purple Pikmin 15
White Pikmin 15
Spicy Spray 2

Three Color Training is the seventeenth level of Challenge Mode in Pikmin 2. This challenge cavern has only one sublevel, but stay on guard, as this cavern can still cause trouble even for experienced players.


The Gatling Groink has The Key, and it is at the top of a tower. You should try to place one of your captains as close to the tower as possible; the Gatling Groink will try to fire at that captain, but the shot will be stopped by the tower. There are a few wooden blocks on one side of the tower that you can use to throw your Yellow Pikmin onto the platform of the Gatling Groink. Take caution when calling your Pikmin back; if you whistle for too long, the captain you left as bait will come back to your side, which will waste time. After defeating the Groink, collect The Key it drops (and the corpse, if you want to collect the other treasures), and either collect more treasures, then escape, or just escape.

Sublevel 1

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