The Giant's Bath

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The Giant's Bath
The Giant's Bath
Sublevels 2
Time Limit sublevel 1 - 200

sublevel 2 - 150

Pokos (w/ no death bonus

& w/o time bonus)

Blue Pikmin 50
Spicy Spray 5

The Giant's Bath is the twentieth level in Pikmin 2's Challenge Mode. It has many enemies and features the rare Toady Bloyster. You should watch your Pikmin as you collect treasures.

Sublevel 1


As you start, go for the Toady Bloyster. Don't go in the water, as you'll waste more time. Before leaving, avoid the Bumbling Snitchbugs, since they are able to grab you. Go deeper into the cave. Remember; you don't have to collect any treasure other than The Key dropped by the Toady Bloyster.

Sublevel 2


In the arena, there lives the Ranging Bloyster. To battle it effectively, switch your pilots. When moving, be fast and continue switching or it'll start to eat your Pikmin squad. Run until you are under its bulb-like gills and use the same strategy as you did for the Toady Bloyster. Get the key and leave the challenge level.

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