Tane no Uta

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Tane no Uta
Single # 3rd
  • Released: May 19, 2004
  • Studio Album: Ai no Uta
  • Oricon Top 200 Weekly Peak: #12
  • RIAJ Certification: Double Platinum
Sales 100,009 copies

Like Ai no Uta, Tane no Uta was used in the Japanese Pikmin advertisements, specifically those for Pikmin 2. The song is not featured in any of the Pikmin games, but is in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Lyrics (roughly translated)

Red Pikmin is fire resistant

Blue Pikmin doesn't drown
Yellow Pikmin jumps high
Purple Pikmin is strong
White Pikmin... contains poison
(they) live with all kinds of personalities.

From the top of the head comes a sprout
From that sprout a leaf grows
From that leaf a bud appears
From that bud a flower blooms
Isn't it pretty when everyone gathers together?
Let us bloom all kinds of personalities.

The red sunset is burning
A face appears from the blue ocean
Born from the yellow star
From the purple dawn
A white day is starting

Aren't the different kinds of personalities beautiful?
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