Could someone possibly take another screenshot of this? The portraits for Piklopedia beasts and Treasure Hoard objects are set in whatever area your ship is currently hovering above in the Area Selection screen. This one was probably snapped while over the Perplexing Pool, and the water makes the treasure look severely warped. —Jimbo Jambo

I'll get it tomorrow...if I remember. And I tried to find out where your sig adds the extra line, but I can't find it. Greenpickle
Thanks. I've just got a Gamecube, so I can't take shots myself. And about my signature, I spent about ten minutes this morning trying to get rid of the line. I have absolutely no idea why it does that. I'll probably just end up using a tilde signature. Jimbo Jambo

What do you do now (as opposed to tildes)? Greenpickle

I tried making my current signature my nickname, but it didn't seem to like the HTML, so I just type in {{user:Jimbo Jambo/sig}} manually to sign posts. Actually, it just occurred to me to use the template as my nickname. Let's see how this works... Heh, works fine...— Jimbo Jambo
Okay, exotic idea, but would it have effect if we deleted and recreated the page? There might have been some bug that got in. Some strange things have happened to me, here an example.

Think it might have an effect?--Prezintenden

It's working now. I was probably just doing it wrong. Thanks anyway, though. Edit: Dear God, this makes a mess of the edit page. Maybe this isn't quite how it's supposed to work....— Jimbo Jambo
Do what I do: create a /sig2 page as well, and put what I've put on it ([1]), then put {{SUBST:User:Greenpickle/sig2}} in the preferences box, then use ~~~. Of course, replace my username in all cases. Greenpickle

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