Bacopa 'abunda giant white'

Sutera cordata or more commonly known as the Bacopa

The flower upon a mature Pikmin is called Sutera cordata[1], or commonly known as the Bacopa. This was used to model the white, five petaled, yellow centered flowers that rest on top of the first generation of Pikmin species (the colors introduced in the first game), as well as the Bulbmin in Pikmin 2.

Sutera cordata also come in different colors as well, white, lavender (violet), and magenta/violet (pink/purple). So far, in the Pikmin species, all three of these colors have been used, each symbolizing a generation of Pikmin, or a new game in the series. The Magenta color has been used on all new Pikmin colors (not counting Bulbmin) in Pikmin 2, or the second generation of Pikmin species. The lavender color has been used to top all the known new species in Pikmin 3, or the third generation of Pikmin.

The Sutera cordata are a perennial type of plant (reoccurring every year). Also they are an Evergreen, which means that even in the harsh winter climate and lack of sun, the plant's leaves can retain its green color. As an added bonus, the flowers can live through the same weather. This real life logic can be placed into the Pikmin world. The Red Pikmin are shown in Pikmin 2 in a harsh snowy landscape with the Pikmin’s leaf green and bright. Even in such climates the flowers can bloom in real life. The record for the Sutera cordatais -1.1 degrees Celsius and 30 degrees Fahrenheit. Sutera cordata are remarkably strong plants. Mr. Miyamoto must have had this in mind for the Pikmin to be strong and durable creatures. 

The different variants of the Sutera cordata are the Snowflake white and the Snowstorm Blue/Magenta.

Marketing team of Nintendo of America

"This extraordinary marketing initiative to consumers demonstrates that at the core of Nintendo is creativity," says Peter Main, executive vice president, sales and marketing, Nintendo of America. "We used a variety of innovative and unusual activities to build anticipation for the Nintendo GameCube. Naming a flower after a video game is just one more way Nintendo is 'seeding' creative marketing." - Peter Main, executive vice president, sales and marketing, Nintendo of America.



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