Survival Series
Theme Medicinal balms
Treasure Hoard Numbers 167 - 168
Treasures 2
Locations Awakening Wood, White Flower Garden

The Survival Series is the twenty-first series in the Treasure Hoard. It is comprised of only two treasures, both medicine-related, making it the smallest series in the game. The series and its treasures are in the NTSC version of Pikmin 2 only.


"You got the Survival Series! These'll sell like Hocotate cakes to scientists and entrepreneurs!"

Treasure Hoard


  • The total Poko value of this series' treasures is 150 Pokos in the NTSC version and 0 Pokos in the PAL version.
  • This series has the lowest total Poko value of all the series. This is due to there being only two treasures in it.