Sunset in Pikmin 2.

Sunset occurs in every Pikmin game, as it defines the end of a day, which means that the player must stop what they are doing and fly away from the ground with the Onions. This is due to the fact that many predators become active in the night. There is a countdown from 10 (the time interval between two digits being around 3 seconds in all games) just prior to sundown, which warns the player to gather their Pikmin. All Pikmin under the control of a captain and idle ones near to the ship and Onions will go into the Onions automatically, but any that are left too far away from the landing area when sunset occurs will be killed by enemies. Pikmin that are still in the ground will not be killed, rather, they will stay in the ground to be plucked when you come back.

In Pikmin, the end of day cutscenes for each area always have the same enemies. These are the enemies shown for each area:

In Pikmin 2, the end of day mechanic differs as it randomly selects harmful enemies that can be found within the area. More enemies appear if more pikmin are left behind. 

In Pikmin 3, the end of day cutscenes are similar to the ones in Pikmin. The enemies shown for each area are as follows:

In Super Smash Bros. Brawl

In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Olimar's final smash is called "End Of Day". It shows Olimar jumping into his ship then rocketing off into space as night approaches. The stage below becomes infested with mature Bulborbs that deal heavy damage to foes; following this, the ship crashes and explodes, hurting and hurling all nearby enemies. Strangely, Pikmin will be left behind and are immune to the predators, but not to other players.



  • In Pikmin 2, the Purple Pikmin and White Pikmin will enter the Hocotate Ship at sunset, but enemies register the Pikmin as on the field, so if the ship is in the attacking range of an enemy, they will attack the ship. This is most notable when a Bulbear is in the blast off cutscene since it has an infinite range.
  • The music will get softer and more quiet when it's almost sunset