Stage Debut is a cancelled Nintendo GameCube game that featured characters from the Pikmin, Mario, and Animal Crossing series. The player could use the e-Reader and Game Boy Camera to import pictures of their faces onto characters and have them all dance or interact in environments such as a playground or classroom. Captain Olimar was seen dancing in one video with a Red Pikmin and other characters at a game developer's conference. Shigeru Miyamoto has said, as of 2008, that the game is still in development in one form or another. It seems to have now evolved into Nintendo Land.

The Nintendo 3DS’s AR Cards feature provides capabilities similar to that described above; perhaps that is what Stage Debut turned into. AR Cards allows a player with a 3DS and Pikmin card to pose scenes with Pikmin and Miis.

Video featuring the dance

Mii Prototype Development History From NES to Wii GCD 200708:09

Mii Prototype Development History From NES to Wii GCD 2007

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