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A Spray (Also called a Potion) is an item in Pikmin 2 that gives temporary abilities. In Pikmin 2, you discover that one of the new plant species, dubbed the Burgeoning Spiderwort, can grow berries that have special compositions that can be used to your advantage. When ten are collected, you create a spray. There are two kinds of sprays, Ultra-Spicy and Ultra-Bitter.

An Ultra-Bitter exhibiting a blue color.
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Sprays may look differently colored under the varied lighting conditions of the game's caves. Normally, Ultra-Spicy Sprays appear red and Ultra-Bitter Sprays appear purple. However, as can be seen on the left, Ultra-Bitter Sprays can appear blue.

Ultra-Spicy Spray

Copy of Copy of Pikmin 2 Spray Screen
Ultra-spicy spray drop
Ultra Spicy Spray
Main article: Ultra-Spicy Spray

Obtained from the red berries, this spray is to be used on the Pikmin. When used, the Pikmin temporarily get enhanced strength and speed, and their leaves/buds/flowers glow red. This is helpful in tough boss fights and when you are pressed for time. However, the effects of the spray also cause Pikmin to die much quicker when succumbing to a hazard. The spray normally wears off after forty seconds. 

Ultra-Bitter Spray

Pikmin 2 Spray Screen
Ultra-Bitter Spray Liquid
Ultra-Bitter Spray
Main article: Ultra-Bitter Spray

Obtained from the purple berries. This spray doesn't affect Pikmin (excluding 2-Player Battle), but is rather intended for enemies. When used, it will turn any enemies in the path of the spray into stone for approximately nine seconds; this should be enough time anyway for the enemy to be killed or severely weakened. However, if an enemy is killed when the spray is active, you will receive no carcass for your troubles and instead receive nectar or more sprays.

Obtaining Sprays

Both types of sprays can be made by bringing ten of the berry needed to The Ship, which will create a spray from the berries. Sprays can also be found in any places where nectar is, in the form of red or purple nectar drops. If you move your captain into one of these drops, you will collect 1 kind of spray, depending on what color the drop was. Spray Drops can be found by defeating Unmarked SpectralidsHoneywisps, and the Secret Insects at the Wistful Wild. They can also be found in eggs. The Leaders can get two sprays in one drop by using this glitch.

Beta spray

Beta screenshot of spray.

In demo images of Pikmin 2 from before its release, there was a red spray, likely the Ultra-Spicy Spray, but also a yellow spray (possibly a nectar spray) shown in the image as the bottom command on the D-pad. No exact information has been provided as to whether these were sprays at the time and if they truly did what the current sprays do now.

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