Spiny Alien Treat
Thumb spinyalientreat
Appears in Pikmin 2
Treasure Hoard Number 8
Series Nature's Candy Series
Value PokoIconx50
Weight 4
Max Carriers 8
Location Valley of Repose

The Spiny Alien Treat (山菜王) is an artichoke bud. It is found in the Valley of Repose, on an island near a drainable lake. Before the player drains it and let their White Pikmin dig it up, they should make sure to defeat the Red Bulborb in the arena and the Dwarf Red Bulborb that accompanies it. The player should then lead Blues to the rock formation that is behind a white gate. After the player destroys the rock formation, they can lead Whites to the island where the Treasure Gauge should be beeping furiously, the Pikmin will start digging up the treasure and bring it to the ship.


Olimar's Journal

"The Valley of Repose is blanketed with a layer of snow. Despite this, here and there plants are sprouting out of the snow. I don't know how much longer the snow will last... It seems like it's getting warmer each day. I wish our frosty financial predicament would warm up a bit."

Sales Pitch

"Delicious fried or baked, this is an invitation for your taste buds to the world of natural delights! ...As superior as I am, I must leave recipe recommendations to others. Machines are bad liars."

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