Slapstick Crescent
Slapstick crescent
Appears in

Pikmin 3

Juice 2.50
Quantity 1
Value PokoIconx300
Weight 15
Max Carriers 30
Location Tropical Wilds

The Slapstick Crescent (カワスベール, Slippery Surface) is a fruit found in Pikmin 3. It is a banana found in the Tropical Wilds behind a body of water protected by a Peckish Aristocrab, which itself holds a Zest Bomb. It must be dug out of the ground, and it takes a total of 15 Pikmin to carry.


Brittany's American Notes

"Oh my gosh but this is delicious! So sweet and comforting... I can imagine a little kid eating just gobs of these things. They'll have to be careful around the inedible peel, though. It's extremely slippery and could be a safety hazard."

Brittany's European Notes

"Gosh, this is delicious! Alph's gone absolutely bananas over this...thing. The peel seems quite slippery. But how slippery, I wonder? Slippery enough to dispatch a person? How about a fully-grown man with a moustache? I must find the interests of science."

How to Obtain

In the Tropical Wilds, the player must maneuver to the area containing the Scale Blocks. Nearby, there should be a large body of water. On land, there are two Fiery Blowhogs which should be killed. In the water, there is a Peckish Aristocrab. This will need to be killed as it will be very troublesome for retrieving the fruit if it is still alive.

After that, the player will reach a dry spot with a small part of the fruit sticking out the ground. The player can then set the Pikmin to start digging it up.

It is recommended to do this early in the day and to bring about 30-40 Blue Pikmin to speed up digging as the Slapstick Crescent will take a very long time to dig up.

Alternatively, activating a Bomb Rock next to the fruit will cause it to instantly become unearthed. This works with all fruits, but it is most valuable with this fruit, especially for speedruns, as it is very time-consuming to unearth and retrieve it.


  • Its name, "Slapstick Crescent", comes from "slapstick", a form of exaggerated comedy in which the banana is often known for (banana peel slips), and "crescent", its shape, which looks like a crescent moon.
  • The Slapstick Crescent and the Pocked Airhead are the only fruits that aren't given by a boss which give 2.5 bottles of juice.
  • Banana seeds are sterile, and can only be grown by transplanting the stem of another tree. Therefore, collecting this fruit would not help Koppai.