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Silver Lake Remix

Collect the Treasure

Silver Lake Remix Treasure
Time Limit 9:00
Treasures 36
Pokos (w/o time bonus) PokoIconx3000
World Record 11760
Co-Op World Record 11130
Red Pikmin 20
Yellow Pikmin 20
Purple Pikmin 5
White Pikmin 15
Rock Pikmin 20

Silver Lake Remix is the 7th Stage for Pikmin 3's Mission Mode: Collect Treasure! mode. It was released in the October 1, 2013 batch of DLC, which could be purchased from the Nintendo eShop for $1.99 USD. This map is only available for Collect Treasure! mode. The maximum possible score for this stage without time bonusues is 3000. 

Pikmin (80)

Enemies (6)

Treasure (36)


  • Dirt Wall (x1)
  • Electric Gate (x2)
  • Small Crystal (x1)
  • Geyser (x1;Encased by the Small Crystal)
  • Large Crystals (x5;Three contain Nuggets, One contains a Golden Sunseed, One contains two Bomb Rocks)
  • Red Bridge (x1;Requires 30 fragments)
  • Brown Bridge (x1;Requires 20 fragments)
  • Climbing Stick (x1)
  • Dirt Mound (x1)

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