Secret Testing Range
Secret Testing Range
Sublevels 2
Time Limit sublevel 1 - 100

sublevel 2 - 150

Pokos (w/ no death bonus

& w/o time bonus)

Red Pikmin 10
Yellow Pikmin 10
Blue Pikmin 10
Purple Pikmin 10
White Pikmin 10
Spicy Spray 1
Bitter Spray 1

The Secret Testing Range is one of the thirty levels in the Challenge Mode for Pikmin 2. There are two sublevels and each level involves creatures that have weapons as appendages.

Sublevel 1

This level is a little hard, but the secret to the easy killing of a Gatling Groink is to bring all of your Pikmin and make the Purple Pikmin be up front and hit it's backside. Alternatively you can leave the Pikmin with Olimar or Louie, control the opposite one and make the two Gatling Groinks come close to each other; then go underneath them, running back and forth when the Gatling Groinks' life circles are yellow or red.

Sublevel 2

This floor is very hard. Note you can lure the Man-at-legs out of the water to make use of all of your Pikmin.

Pikmin range

The 2nd floor of the range.

Walkthrough Video

Pikmin 2 Strategies 206:40

Pikmin 2 Strategies 2

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