A Secret Memo found in the Tropical Wilds.

Secret Files (also referred to as Secret Memos) are a variation of Data Files found in Pikmin 3. Unlike most data files, these do not give any tips or information. Instead, they simply have a picture of some Pikmin with a random number from 0-9.

Miyamoto stated in a Miiverse post that if you collect all 10 of these memos the numbers in them will culminate into a Secret Code. Once they are all collected, you can then go to a Wii U exclusive website  (On the Wii U Internet browser only) and enter your code to watch one of five secret video exploration logs.

There are 2 Secret Memos per area. They are always found in the same place, but the ones you find in these places are randomized to form one of five codes.

One video log is not accessible yet via the Secret Memo codes and has not been officially released by Nintendo, and was found on Nintendo's website by analyzing the pages' source code in Safari. You can find it here and it features Louie.


Tropical Wilds

Garden of Hope

Distant Tundra

  • Throw a captain onto the snow wall next to the landing site. This Memo is easily visible.
  • In the cave you originally had to take to reach the Vehemoth Phosbat is a Bamboo Wall that requires Winged Pikmin to lift. In a structure in the area behind there is a Secret Memo. Be careful as a Bulbear and Dwarf Bulbears are present in this area.

Twilight River

  • In the second river that is reached on the way to the Scornet Maestro is a stump with a Secret Memo on top of it. It originally has a pile of Fragments on it and requires a leader to be thrown over onto it.
  • On a ledge near the three Orange Bulborbs, accessed by throwing a captain off the vine path to the Scornet Maestro's tree.

Formidable Oak

  • In the spotcaps behind the Reinforced Wall at the beginning of the cave.
  • In the area of the cave that you must light up, is a dirt mound near a group of Candypop Buds. Use Pikmin to dig out the Secret Memo.

Exploration Logs

Tropical Wilds Log

Garden of Hope Log

Distant Tundra Log

Twilight River Log

Formidable Oak Log

With the Treasure Log (Unreleased)

Video Guide

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