Scornets are Bee-like creatures that unusually have their stingers in the position a nose would normally be. The smaller Scornets are always in swarms and are often found under the orders of the larger Scornet, the Scornet Maestro.


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The namesake of the family and creatures in the family, the Scornet are always found in large swarms. They have the ability to create formations under the orders of the Scornet Maestro, however, they can do so independently as well. They are rather easy to kill by throwing Winged Pikmin at them.

Scornet Maestro

Scornet maestro
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The Scornet Maestro is a larger creature with more features than the smaller Scornet. It is capable of commanding the Scornets using the strings in its mouth like a harp. Winged Pikmin are very effective against it.

It is responsible for capturing Louie in Pikmin 3, and the tree it resides in holds the Seed Hive.