The Scarpanid family is a family of insects that were originally ground dwellers, but have since evolved flight by converting their antennas to wings. Several species of Scarpanids exist, although research regarding the family has since stagnated. Two notable species of the Scarpanids are known currently.

Swooping Snitchbug

Main article: Swooping Snitchbug
Swooping snitchbug

The Swooping Snitchbug is a creature present in all three Pikmin games. They are legless, round, flying insects that have evolved wing-like antennae as a means of locomotion. They attack by swooping down and grabbing prey. After carrying them for a few seconds, they violently throw them toward the ground. This action would harm most prey, whereas Pikmin are simply replanted and reverted to their original leaf stage. Snitchbugs can be weighed down by throwing many Pikmin (or at least one Purple Pikmin) onto their body, causing them to crash to the ground and making them susceptible to attack. In Pikmin 3, throwing a Rock Pikmin at the creature will cause it to fall to the ground, and they replace the role of bumbling snitchbugs by gaining the ability to grab captains as well as pikmin.

Bumbling Snitchbug

Main article: Bumbling Snitchbug

The Bumbling Snitchbug is a creature discovered by Captain Olimar during his second visit to PNF-404. It closely resembles the Swooping Snitchbug in appearance and behavior, though it possesses more body mass. Instead of picking up Pikmin, it will only target the Captains, and eventually hurl them into the ground; however, they will not be "planted". Captured leaders may struggle to free themselves by rotating the Analogue Stick or have a second leader throw Pikmin to combat the enemy. Weighing the bug down will cause it to crash into the ground, where it is easily overwhelmed.

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