Sales Pitch 2

The "Sales Pitch" option is circled in red.

The Sales Pitch is a collection of, as the name suggests, sales pitches for treasures in Pikmin 2. They are provided by the Ship in contrast to the description provided by Olimar, and are generally humorous rather than detailed. (The King of Bugs treasure suggests that they are selling Louie)

At times, the Ship creates stories about the objects which they are selling in an attempt to get them to sell better (for instance, it claims that the Fossilized Ursidae may come alive under a full moon, and that the Essence of Despair was created as the result of the forces of evil being defeated by the forces of justice).

Any given Sales Pitch comes with a group, of which becomes available once that specific group of treasures collected. An example of this would be in the Titan Dweevil collection; all four weapons and the King of Bugs must be collected before the Sales Pitches are provided.

Sales Pitches are exclusive to the Treasure Hoard, as Louie takes the place of extra provider for the Piklopedia.


Superstick Textile:

"The latest must-have item for all ship emergency-repair kits, this miracle fabric is a lifesaver! Its adhesive power is so great, once it's applied, it can never be removed... Not even surgically!"

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