A Spotty Bulbear regenerating life.

A small number of enemies in the Pikmin series can revive after death if their body is left alone for far too long. Only Spotty Bulbears (in Pikmin 2) and Gatling Groinks have this ability. When an enemy that can revive is killed, its HP will slowly regenerate. Once its health is completely full, the enemy will get back up and continue to roam and attack. To prevent this from happening, the creature should either be killed when petrified so that its body disappears, or lured into a hole in the floor; or it may run into one on its own (applicable in certain caves). Bringing the body to the Research Pod or an Onion will also get rid of the carcass completely, making it impossible for it to revive. The player can also try to quickly progress to the next sublevel if underground before the creature's health is regained completely.


  • Interestingly, both enemies that can revive can also freely roam the area that they are in.
  • Because they can revive themselves, they do not have any ghost sprite, even if killed when petrified.

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