Priceless Statue

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Priceless Statue
Thumb pricelessstatue
Appears in N/A
Treasure Hoard Number 141 (NTSC)

139 (PAL)

Series Dream Series
Value PokoIconx80
Weight 10
Max Carriers 15
Location Frontier Cavern

The Priceless Statue is a black chess queen found in the second Pikmin game. It is found in the sixth sublevel in the Frontier Cavern and may be on the ledge near the hole to Sublevel 7 or in the water. Use Red and Blue Pikmin to get it or you can use the Bulbmin that can be found in the Sublevel. Defeat the Cannon Beetles and Water Dumples that may be in the way.


Olimar's Journal

"Priceless Statue/journal"

Sales Pitch

"Priceless Statue/sale"

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