Possessed Squash
-43Possessed Squash
Appears in Pikmin 2
Treasure Hoard Number 43
Series Paleontology Series
Value PokoIconx180
Weight 30
Max Carriers 50
Location Dream Den

The Possessed Squash is a treasure in Pikmin 2. It is actually a jack-o-lantern. It is located in the eighth sublevel of the Dream Den. Collecting this treasure is time consuming, as there is an Antenna Beetle and many Dweevils and hazards on this floor. The Possessed Squash can be found in one of the dead ends of the sublevel, often carried on the back of a Dweevil.


Olimar's Journal

"All of the plants in this region have interesting characteristics. Like this freakish one, for example. Lately, I've started the habit of tasting new discoveries. It may be dangerous to eat unfamiliar plants, but I've only gotten violently sick a few times."

Sales Pitch

"This mutated gourd of titanic proportions is filled with bad seeds. A score if you adore revulsion!"