Portable Sunset
Portable sunset
Appears in

Pikmin 3

Juice 2.00
Quantity 2
Weight 8
Max Carriers 15
Location Distant Tundra
Twilight River

The Portable Sunset (ユウヒノミ, Sunset Fruit) is a fruit that appears in Pikmin 3. At first glance, it appears to be a Love Nugget (which is a tomato), but it is actually a persimmon fruit. It produces 2 cups of juice, and is found in two spots in the game; one being in the Twilight River between some Orange Bulborbs and a Bamboo Gate. The other is in the Distant Tundra, where it is located above a lake, hanging by a branch. Blue or Winged Pikmin are needed to get it.


Brittany's American Comments

"Look at the colors! It reminds me of the time I melted all my crayons and tried to combine them together into a super crayon. I really thought that would work... Anyway, Alph doesn't like the smell of this fruit, but he doesn't have a sophisticated nose palate like I do."

Brittany's European Comments

"This radiant specimen should remind me of childhood on Koppai, when we'd watch the sunset while enjoying a big dinner. But instead it makes me think of the onset of night on this planet, and the monstrosities that brings. I've covered it up so we can sleep in peace."