Pikpik Carrots

A few buried Pikpik carrots.

Pikpik Carrots are vegetables native to Captain Olimar's home planet, Hocotate. They are the reason Pikmin have their name, because Olimar believed that Pikmin resembled them. These look just like normal carrots; orange, small-sized, and having long leafy parts. These are seen in the in-game Piklopedia in Pikmin 2, and can be thrown at the Piklopedia's enemies/plants to see what reaction would occur, such as the creature moving or waking up, or eating, and attacking the carrots. Using Action Replay, it is possible to control them as if they were Pikmin. There are also miniature and regular size red, yellow, and blue varieties of Pikpik Carrots like the original three Pikmin. In Pikmin 3, Brittany mentions how she has tried Pikpik Carrots and she thought they tasted horrible. She also states Hocotate is famous for their Pikpik Carrots.

Golden Pikpik Carrots


A Golden Pikpik Carrot with the box in which it was transported.

Golden Pikpik Carrots are completely golden and are little longer than their orange counterparts. They have three curled roots instead of the basic cone-shaped root seen on a normal Pikpik Carrot.

On one occasion, a precious shipment of more than PokoIconx10,100 worth of Golden Pikpik Carrots were sent with Louie to be shipped somewhere, but Louie ate these and returned with a misleading report that a space bunny ate them, so he could avoid getting reprimanded or fired.

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