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Pikmin Drawings are found throughout Pikmin 3 and are small drawings of Pikmin doing various tasks. They are normally found in dark or not-so-obvious areas and cannot be seen easily. To see them, the KopPad is necessary. The number varies by area. 


Tropical Wilds

  1. Found under the bridge built on the first day. Shows a Red Pikmin carrying a 1 Pellet
  2. Under the waterfall where the Mock Bottom is. Shows a Red Pikmin being chased by a Bulborb.
  3. Inside the hollow tree stump right next to the Seesaw Blocks. Shows a Red Pikmin near fire

Pictures of Drawings

Garden of Hope

  1. On one of the boards where Brittany is found. Shows Rock Pikmin breaking a Crystal
  2. In the pipe near where the Blue Onion is found. Shows a Rock Pikmin and a broken Crystal. 
  3. Inside the bucket outside of the arena in which the Quaggled Mireclops is fought. Shows a Rock Pikmin tumbling over. 

Pictures of Drawings

Distant Tundra

  1. Inside the tunnel under the snowman and the Cupid's Grenade. Shows a Yellow Pikmin digging through a tunnel. 
  2. On a wall inside the cave inhabited by Pyroclasmic Slooches. Walk on the Bloominous Stemples. Shows Yellow Pikmin conducting electricity. 
  3. On the tin can near a Bearded Amprat and a Bouncy Mushroom. Shows a Yellow Pikmin coming to life. 

Pictures of Drawings

Twilight River

  1. On the path up to the Scornet Maestro. Shows a Winged Pikmin carrying a Cupid's Grenade. 
  2. On the large pillar holding the fragments and a Secret File. Shows the front and back of a Winged Pikmin.
  3. When you take the water lily allowing to change part of the zone, there is over the beginning a tunnel in your right.

Pictures of Drawings

Formidable Oak

  1. On the Reinforced Wall at the beginning of the cave. Shows 2 Blue Pikmin carrying a 1 Pellet.
  2. In the Plasm Wraith's arena, on the large rock to the left of the cave exit. Shows a Blue Pikmin swimming. 
  3. On a rock near where Olimar is first found with the Plasm Wraith. Shows a Blue Pikmin standing in water. 

Pictures of Drawings