In the Nintendo Land attraction Pikmin Adventure, players can receive 3 different power-ups through the game to help do more damage to enemies. These power-ups also act as a shield, and prevent your character from taking damage once, and then the power-up is disposed of.

Types of Power-Ups

Hammer Seed

Hammer Seed NL

The Hammer Seed power-up as seen in the Nintendo Land Plaza.

Hammer Seeds are the first power-up you receive in the attraction. When collected, Pikmin will grow sledge hammer heads on their stems. When Olimar throws hammer seed Pikmin, they will drop down on enemies much like Purple Pikmin do in Pikmin 2. They also have a chance to stun enemies, as well. The negativity of this item is its slight short range. Pikmin players with this power-up have increased damage, and when the 1 button is held down and released, your Pikmin will charge forward, consecutively swinging its hammer down on enemies.

Monita's Notes

"This item sprouts a hammer from a Pikmin's head. It doesn't look particularly heavy, but take one swing at the enemy and you'll see that it gets the job done."

Whip Seed

Whip Seed NL

A Whip Seed as seen in the Nintendo Land Plaza.

Whip Seeds are the second power-up found in the game. Whip seeds will grow springs on Pikmins' stems, which can be extended to attack in a longer range and do more damage. If Olimar gets the Whip Seed, his tiny Pikmin will be thrown into the air, and will home in on the targeted area like fireworks.This also adds longer range to your throw. They can also follow moving enemies, similar to the Winged Pikmin. When a Pikmin gets the Whip Seed, their attack range is increased enormously, and can attack from farther away to avoid taking damage.

Monita's Notes

"This item extends a Pikmin's stalk so it can be used as a whip, allowing long-range attacks. If Olimar picks it up, his Pikmin will explode with color when he throws them!"

Knuckle Seed

Knuckle Seed NL

The Knuckle Seed power-up as seen in the Nintendo Land Plaza.

Knuckle Seeds are the last of the power-ups that are in the game. Knuckle seeds turn the Pikmins' stems into fists, and has the player stand in a fighting stance when standing still. The knuckle seed makes Olimar's Pikmin act like bullets when thrown, and do great great impact damage, much like Rock Pikmin from Pikmin 3. When the Pikmin players get this power-up, They do massive damage with combos, and when the 1 button is held and released, Pikmin will perform a Haudoken-like attack.

Monita's Notes

"This item makes a fist sprout from a Pikmin's head. There are no scissors or paper versions, unfortunately. Aim for the enemy and start pummeling!"