Pikmin 2-e was an e-Reader game that came in two series including Pikmin 2-e Collection Series 1 and Pikmin 2-e Collection Series 2. The games were released in Japan because the e-Reader died in North America. There were 60 cards, 12 cards in each pack. You need the Game Boy Advance/Game Boy Advance SP, the cards, and and the e-Reader connected to the Gamecube in order to play the games. These were:

Hikkonuki Pikmin

Olimar must pluck as much Pikmin as possible.

E-Reader Screen1

Tekuteku Pikmin

You must get the Pikmin to the end of the course.

Tsunagete Pikmin

You must alter the platforms to get the Pikmin to the Research Pod.

E-Reader Screen2
E-Reader Screen3

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