This page contains instructions on how to make and use features. To nominate an article to become a featured article, use Pikmin:Featured articles/nominations.

Changing the featured article

The featured article text is located at Template:Feature. Edit this template to change the featured article. You must:

  • Add the Featured template to the top of the main article of the new feature, including the date, in the form {{featured|date}}.
  • Update the previous featured article to have the end date in the "featured" template, in the form {{featured|start date|end date}}. Move this to the bottom of the page, but keep it above any footer.
  • Update the Previous featured articles section of this page.
  • Move the nomination on the nominations page to the archive.

Featured articles should be articles that are complete in content, well written, and are interesting enough to be put on the front page. Copy the introductory few paragraphs from the article and an image if at all possible.

Weekly rotation

When the featured articles are on a weekly rotation, the following applies. There is one template which holds the data for which articles show for each day of the week. In order to rotate the articles edit the template below. Articles should be rotated weekly.

Template:Featured article (edit)

Previous featured articles

Since the introduction of featuring articles without the use of a rotation, the following articles have been featured:

Perplexing Pool
30th March 2008 - 18th April 2008
8-day run
18th April 2008 - 13th May 2008
Super Smash Bros. Brawl
13th May 2008 - 10th June 2008
10th June 2008 - 29 August 2008
The Ship
29th August 2008 - 3rd October 2008
3rd October 2008 - 3rd December 2008
3rd December 2008 - 26th January 2009
Caustic Dweevil
26th January 2009 - 6th May 2009
Beady Long Legs
6th May 2009 - 18th June 2009
Wistful Wild
18th June 2009 - 18th August 2009
Planet of the Pikmin
18th August 2009 - 24th March 2010
24th March 2010 - 14 June 2011
Captain Olimar
14 June 2011 - 22 June 2012
2-Player mode
22 June 2012 - present

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