This is a list of ongoing projects at the Pikmin Wiki that we could do with some help on. To request that other projects be undertaken, please leave a comment on the talk page. When a project has been completed, its section can be removed from this page.


Most treasure articles still lack proper information as to the location and collection of the treasure. A list of treasure articles can be found at Treasure Hoard or Template:Treasures.

Cave walkthroughs

Existing walkthroughs for cave pages are generally poorly written, and there are caves without any walkthrough. They are also severely lacking in helpful, illustrative images. Walkthroughs needs to be concise, accurate and objectively written. A list of cave articles is at Category:Caves.

Image pages

Images require, for the most part, vastly improved descriptions. These do not have to be long or detailed, but concise and accurate, just a sentence about what the image is of, probably with a link to its subject if there's an article on it.

2-player battle locations

Most are short. The pages need data (enemy list, hazard list, Pellet Posy list), descriptions (possible layouts, marble and onion locations, where cherries tend to land) and level-specific strategies. Find a list here.

Notes, recipes, and Sales

For Pikmin 1, notes belong here. For Pikmin 2, recipes, notes, and sales belong here. This is to avoid confusion with all of these pages being deleted.

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