Petrified Heart
Thumb petrifiedheart
Appears in Pikmin 2
Treasure Hoard Number 104 (NTSC)

103 (PAL)

Series Husband's Tears Series
Value PokoIconx100
Weight 5
Max Carriers 10
Location White Flower Garden

The Petrified Heart is a ruby, fashioned into a heart shape. It is found on Sublevel 2 of the White Flower Garden, and may be on the brown, lowered alcove. Fiery Blowhogs may hinder the progress of the Pikmin, unless reds are used.


Olimar's Journal

"The vivid color of this red stone reminds me of my wife's eyes when they burn with rage. Just between you and me, I've noticed lately that she's been getting more wrinkles. Now that I think about it, I've probably caused her a lot of stress. When I return to Hocotate, I'll take her on a long vacation."

Sales Pitch

"This crimson stone is said to reflect the contents of the soul and detect strong emotions. Whether it indicates passion or righteous ire depends on the love you give your wife each day!"

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