Pearly Clamclamp
Pearly Clam Clamp(PikminNPC)
Appears in Pikmin

Prima "Technical Name" Ploister
Scientific name Lapis regrettabilis
Areas The Impact Site
Challenge Mode levels The Forest of Hope
The Forest Navel
The Distant Spring
Carry weight 3
Max. carriers 6
Seed worth 50
Attacks Eats Pikmin
Hit points  ?

The Pearly Clamclamp is an enemy in Pikmin. This large bivalve has a pinkish shell and a small pearl surrounded by a clear blue membrane. When Pikmin are thrown upon it, which is a grueling task, they will attack the membrane to reveal the pearl. Its only defense is acting like a Venus Flytrap. The Clamclamp will stretch its mouth wide open, creaking like a poorly-oiled hinge, and slam shut. When it does this, you need to have excellent timing and call the Pikmin so they won't be eaten. This is obviously a very simple predatory tactic for the creature. You will have to sum up the remaining skill in you to destroy the membrane and get the fifty Pikmin prize without losing any Pikmin. If the Clamclamp is on land, two Bomb Rocks can also be used for a quick and easy kill. This creature is one of the two second leading creatures in Pikmin production, succeeded by the Smoky Progg and tied with the Armored Cannon Beetle.

Oddly, the Clamclamp has been known to take slight damage for a short time after the Pikmin have been called back, meaning that if the creature is already near death, the player can simply withdraw his or her Pikmin and the Clamclamp will die on its own.

Beware, the Pearly Clamclamp can eat Pikmin after its death so be sure to call your Pikmin back the second you kill it.


Ship's Log

"One would expect this creature to be a mollusk of the sea, but the fact that it is also found in the forest is typical of this planet's oddities. The pearl that rests inside appears to be one of great value, but it is actually a trap."

Reel notes

"Though beautiful, this mollusk's pearls are thin and fragile."

Guide Book

"To lure then trap creatures that are attracted to small shiny objects, the Ploister turns undigested foodstuffs into round beads with the same secretion that makes up its shell. The pearl-like substance has a layering that is thinner and weaker then a real Pearl, reducing it in value."


Pearly Clamclamp

The enemy as seen at The Impact Site.

Main Game

They only appear in The Impact Site. There are three located at the back of the area, behind the reinforced wall. One is to the left of the wall, one is on a small island, and the is submerged in water containing the Positron Generator.

Challenge Mode

These are the locations of the Pearly Clamclamp in Challenge Mode. These places are in specific hard to reach places and surrounded by enemies.


  • In New Play Control! Pikmin's Enemy reel and in the Olimar's Voyage Log, The Pearly Clamclamp is named "Clampshell". It is unknown whether this is an inaccuracy or an intended change.
  • When you take out its pearl, interestingly, it makes the sound the Honeywisp makes when hit and a spirit floats up yet the Pearly Clamclamp can still attack and eat your Pikmin.
  • Using an Action Replay to access a model test menu in Pikmin, the Pearly Clamclamp's code name is "shell", while its pearl is simply called "pearl".
  • It is the only enemy that has a ship part that you can see before you kill it.
  • The Japanese name for the Pearly Clamclamp is "Yamashinju" (ヤマシンジュ).
  • The mock-Latin word in the Clampclamp's name, Regrettabilis, likely refers to te word "regret." This is also describes the Pearly Clamclamp's mode of attack, as you will regret trying to take its pearl for not being fast enough to call back your pikmin.

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