Optical Illustration
Appears in Pikmin 2
Treasure Hoard Number 170 (NTSC only)
Series Ancient Ad Series
Value PokoIconx140
Weight 15
Max Carriers 20
Location Perplexing Pool

The Optical Illustration is a Ragu pasta sauce lid that is found in the Perplexing Pool in Pikmin 2 exclusive to the NTSC version. It is located near the Citadel of Spiders cave and is near an electric gate surrounded by water, making a volatile combination. First, Olimar and Louie must defeat any Yellow Wollywogs and Shearwigs in their way. If the Dwarf Bulbears are there, they must be defeated too. Olimar and Louie must use their Pikmin to build the bridge near the stump to the entrance of Citadel of Spiders, then throw Yellow Pikmin over the wall to where the electric gate is. Alternatively, it is possible for Olimar and Louie to throw Yellow Pikmin over the electric gate from across the water, with a running start for each throw; or a small number can be led along a root in the water on the left of the gate, and the wall can be thrown over easily. The Yellow Pikmin must tear it down, then, the Blue Pikmin must carry it back to the ship.

In the PAL version, the treasure is moved to another area. Instead, the Abstract Masterpiece is found here.


Olimar's Journal

"I've noticed that some of the objects we collect have undeniable similarities. Perhaps these treasures were revered by an ancient civilization."

Sales Pitch

"There are many items that look like this one, but the contents are profoundly different. Those in the know are aware of the differences. This particular item should please any buyer."