Odd Logo Series

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Odd Logo Series
Theme Soda Bottle Caps
Treasure Hoard Numbers 177 - 187
Treasures 7 (NTSC, PAL) 3 (Japanese)
Locations Emergence Cave, White Flower Garden, Citadel of Spiders, Shower Room, Glutton's Kitchen, Dream Den

The Odd Logo Series is the twenty-fourth series listed in the Treasure Hoard. It covers treasures numbered 177 to 187 in both versions. It consists of several Soda Bottle Caps. There are 7 in the PAL and NTSC Versions and 3 In the Japanese version. Surprisingly, there is not a single treasure in the series that is not a bottle cap.


You've collected the Odd Logo Series! Indecipherable symbols are all the rage these days.

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