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The correct title of this article is #2 Ionium Jet. The substitution or omission of a # sign is because of technical restrictions.
#2 Ionium Jet
This is a mandatory ship part.
Weight 15
Max. Carriers 25 Pikmin
Location The Distant Spring

The #2 Ionium Jet is a ship part in Pikmin. It is probably a slight boost, as Olimar says, but it could easily be used for smoother flying and quicker turns. Like the #1 Ionium Jet, this is obviously needed for the Dolphin to propel itself through deep space.

Collecting the Part

Ionium Jet 2

The Number 2 Ionium Jet being retrieved by the Dolphin.

It is on a stone platform in the far north of the area. To retrieve it, first throw at least 15 Blue Pikmin on the platform to the West of it, and use the nearby geyser to reunite with them. Then simply throw them across the gap to the Jet. The path to the ship from there is full of Water Dumples, Dwarf Bulbears and a Spotty Bulbear, so be sure to clear the path before taking this piece.


Discovery Notes

"I've found my #2 Ionium Jet! It's easy on the eyes, and its fuel efficiency is easy on the budget."

Ship Log

"The ads for these jets boast that "with excellent mileage that's easy on the family budget, this jet will keep your wife smiling and propel you to a happy home life!"


  • The Number 2 Ionium Jet is one of the parts that can be seen on the outside of the ship.

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