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Nectar Weed

A patch of Nectar Weed in the Perplexing Pool.

Nectar Weed is found in a number of overground areas in first two Pikmin games, and resembles a patch of long grass. Its purpose for Pikmin is as a source of Nectar: they can extract pools of Nectar from it seemingly by plucking out single leaves of grass. There is no need to swarm the Pikmin to the patch, as they will attempt to use it whenever they walk over it. Only five Pikmin can be pulling a patch of nectar weed at a time.

As with Stones, Nectar Weed can be found in every area of Pikmin, but only in the Awakening Wood and Perplexing Pool in Pikmin 2, and never underground.

Nectar Weed and Stones can be potential hazards for your Pikmin, primarily in the Distant Spring, where there are various patches of Nectar Weed and Stones spread throughout the region. Pikmin will spontaneously begin pulling weeds or breaking rocks without Olimar or Louie's command. This may cause them to be left behind during sunset, so be cautious when you are in passing through areas in the Distant Spring.

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