Monochromatic Pinchipede NL

The Monochromatic Pinchipede as seen in the Boss Rush cutscene.

The Monochrome Pinchipede is the third boss in the extra challenges of Pikmin Adventure . It is a long centipede-like insect with huge serrated pinchers. It is basically the same enemy as the Emperor Pinchipede, only it is colored white and has higher speed and health. It looks blue in the first battle you fight in only because it reflects color off of its surroundings, just like in the boss rush challenge, it has an orange tint due to the sunset environment.


The Monochromatic Pinchipede is killed just the same way as you would for the Emperor Pinchipede. The only difference is that you need to be more careful due to its high speed and larger health.

Begin by targeting the smaller segments of its body. These smaller segments have significantly more health than the larger ones ironically, because the larger ones turn into spiked platforms that spin rapidly around the arena.

Once the smaller portions are removed, quickly remove the larger more threatening weak points, which will be simple due to their small vitality. After all portions are removed, the larger spinning sections will stop, and retract back to their original place on the Monochromatic Pinchipede.

Monochromatic Pinchipede angry NL

The Monochromatic Pinchipede's black, more dangerous side.

The Monochromatic Pinchipede will now pull itself backward and charge up an attack, which reveals its last weakpoint located on the its head. Use this opportunity to dish out as much damage as possible. It will flip over to its black side and rampage across the arena, trying to corner you and crush you with its gapping manibles. After a few seconds it will start to slow down, indicating it will start to charge up its attack again.

Once this weak point reaches a quarter health left, all segments will fling away from the Monochrome Pinchipede and spin around the stage. Now it's time to be very careful. Avoid the spinning platforms, and wait for the Pinchipede to charge into you. Dodge its attack and begin throwing Pikmin onto its back. These Pikmin will stay on there forever, as the Pinchipede now has no way to shake them off. You can wait out the battle by avoiding attacks, or try to add more Pikmin to the attack. Be careful though, because the Monochromatic Pinchipede is constantly chomping its mandibles.

Eventually, the last weak spot will reach 0 HP, and the Monochrome Pinchipede will be slain.

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