The Mockiwi family is a family of avian-like creatures, that according to Olimar, could fly, but lost their ability through evolution. There are various species of Mockiwi, but only 3 Mockiwi are currently known. These are:



The Mockiwi is a creature that appears in Hey! Pikmin. They are yellow, avian-like creatures with bodies shaped similar to a bulborb, with a short, wide beak, large brown eyes, and two small vestigial wings. The Mocikiwi are aggressive creatures that attack Pikmin on sight. Like bulborbs from other games, the best strategy is to attack them from behind. They drop 2 sparklium upon death.

Crested Mockiwi

Crested Mockiwis are also from Hey! Pikmin, and are like a Mockiwi, but they can shake off Pikmin. They also drop 2 Sparklium.

Elongated Crushblat

The Elongated Crushblat look like a Mockiwi, but with a parrot-like beak, pink and green feathers, and long legs with feathered joints. In order to defeat it, you have to attack it's legs/joints so it kneels close to the ground, making its body vulnerable to attacks. They step on Pikmin as an attack.

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