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Mock Bottom
Mock bottom
Appears in

Pikmin 3

Juice 2.00
Quantity 1
Value PokoIconx200
Weight 10
Max Carriers 20
Location Tropical Wilds

The Mock Bottom (シリソックリ, Bottom Like) is a peach fruit found in the Tropical Wilds in Pikmin 3. To obtain it, the player must need either Blue Pikmin or Winged Pikmin. Order the Pikmin to build the climbing stick, and then they will pick up the fruit. It gives 2 cups of juice. 


Brittany's American NotesEdit

"Sigh. The specimen is slightly fuzzy, has a high juice content, and has a hardy pit that should travel well back to Koppai. And as a scientist, I cannot and should not remark that it looks almost exactly like a bottom, hee hee! Sigh. The specimen is slightly fuzzy..."

Brittany's European NotesEdit

"Skin: pink colouration, fuzzy texture. Flesh: soft, with a high water content. Stone: large, robust. Appearance: looks like a bottom! Tee hee hee!"