Mirth Sphere
Thumb mirthsphere
Appears in Pikmin 2
Treasure Hoard Number 125 (NTSC)

124 (PAL)

Series Crystallized Emotions Series
Value PokoIconx85
Weight 1
Max Carriers 8
Location Cavern of Chaos

The Mirth Sphere is a rather small, clear marble treasure found in Pikmin 2 with a blue pattern inside. It is found on the first sublevel of the Cavern of Chaos, and is located in one of the alcoves. Be cautious, as there are many hazards here, including Bomb Rocks and electric nodes.


Olimar's Journal

"My investigation has concluded that this object embodies the spirit of comedy. But when it comes to humor, not even this item can stand up to my unrivaled powers of hilarity. Too bad the president doesn't appreciate my comedic genius..."

Sales Pitch

"Another of the universe's most intelligent beings, this creature's entire existence, from the birth of the universe to its ultimate collapse, is dedicated to devising a very special joke."

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