Mirrored Stage
Mirrored Stage
Appears in Pikmin 2
Treasure Hoard Number 78 (NTSC)

77 (PAL)

Series Modern Amenities Series
Value PokoIconx140
Weight 15
Max Carriers 25
Location Shower Room

The Mirrored Stage is a treasure found in Pikmin 2. It is located in the third sublevel in the Shower Room. It is found inside a Greater Spotted Jellyfloat. Defeating the Lesser Spotted Jellyfloats and other enemies will make it easy to retrieve it from the larger Jellyfloat. It is actually a powder case.


Olimar's Journal

"Every day, it's nothing but work, work, work. Sometimes I need to just get it off my mind. So, I set this thing up as a stage and taught the Pikmin a song-and-dance routine. Red, purple, white, yellow, and blue Pikmin danced in perfect unison and sang their little hearts out. When I return home, I should take up a career as a dance instructor."

Sales Pitch

"Come rain, wind, or typhoon, this stage will always support the hidden singer deep in your soul. It is a lovely instant dance stage. How about taking one on tour with you, star of rock?"


  • Olimar's journal entry may be referring to the Ai No Uta easter egg, in which you must evenly distribute all 5 colors of Pikmin (20 of each color) in your group, and they will begin to sing the song (In their language, so it's more like humming, but who cares?)

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