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Mines are explosives that appear in Pikmin 3, exclusive to the multiplayer Bingo Battle mode. They are obtained by getting them on the roulette in Bingo Battle.


Mines behave in a similar manner to Bomb Rocks, the main difference they have over Bomb Rocks is that they will remain inactive after being dropped and will only activate when a Leader or a Pikmin travels on or near it.


Upon getting a Mine from the roulette, you should place it somewhere near your opponent’s base, the best place would be the entrance connecting their base to the rest of the map, as they will have to move their Pikmin carefully to avoid it. The best place for it would be behind one of your opponent’s Onion‘s legs, as not only will it be hard to see, but it will have a high likelihood of being activated while they‘re plucking sprouts around the Onion. You can also use it to defeat an enemy by tossing the mine at it and then activating it to explode right in front of the enemy, this will require sacrificing a Pikmin though.


  • They resemble landmines, a real-world explosive weapon and the Mine's namesake.
  • They are the second explosive that isn’t an enemy or enemy projectile, the first is the Bomb Rock (although certain enemies in Pikmin 2 use Bomb Rocks as weapons).
  • They are also the second object that can be picked up by a Pikmin and allow that Pikmin to still be thrown while holding it, the first is also the Bomb Rock.
  • Mines and Marbles are they only interactables that only appear in Bingo Battle in Pikmin 3 (although marbles also appear in Pikmin 2 as treasures)
  • Unlike Bomb Rocks, it appears to be man-made, metallic in appearance.