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Pikmin Merchandise includes everything that is not included with the game itself.

Agatsuma has released three volumes of Pikmin toys to promote Pikmin 2. They were only released in Japan, and came randomly in sets. However, they can be found on eBay TOYS R US (Seen In Pikmin Adventure) And more.

Pikmin Figurines

Volume One

The first of the three volumes. These contain three sets of three Pikmin (red, blue, or yellow) with Olimar, Louie, or The President included. There are three sets with red, white, and purple Pikmin in different stages. These include a Dwarf Red Bulborb in each set. There are also three sets with five Pikmin each, in different stages. Oddly, there are nine red Pikmin, and six of every other color. The Hocotactians used in this volume are also used in volume three. The rare secret figurine for this one is a Red Bulborb. The Pikmin in this volume are the same as the ones used in volume two. The figures are not made of the same material that is used in series 3.

Volume Two

Volume two has six of each Pikmin (two leaf, two bud, two flower), a Wogpole, and a Yellow Wollywog.  Another set has the Dwarf Orange Bulborb, Dwarf Red Bulborb, and Snow Bulborb. The set of three Purples comes with a Bulborb Larva. The set of three Whites come with a Breadbug. The Red, Yellow, and Blue Pikmin sets come with three different stages of Bulbmin. Two secret figures are the regular Ship and a golden Ship. The figurines are the same as in Volume one, except instead of three Dwarf Red 

Bulborbs, there are many different creatures. These figurines are of the same material as series 1.

Volume Three

The three sets that contain three red, blue, or yellow Pikmin come with a Pellet Posy of the same color, instead of a Bulbmin as in volume two, or a Dwarf Red Bulborb as in volume one. As always, the set of five flower, bud, or leaf Pikmin don't come 

with anything. Purples and Whites come with Fiery Blowhog or Watery  Blowhog. A set of Olimar, Louie, and President is also available, they are the same as the set from volume one. The three secret Items are the Onions. This volume looks much more organic than volumes 1 or 2.

Plush Toys

Pikmin plushies were also released in 2004. All five Pikmin colors were available with either a flower, bud, or leaf. A Captain Olimar, Louie, and a Red Bulborb were also available as plushies.

Every plush except Olimar and Louie have been re-released in Japan for Pikmin 3.  Olimar and Louie are currently the rarest of the group. As of summer 2013, a new smaller 13cm pikmin are being released in Japan by Sanei. Three new storage Pikmin are part of this set. This includes a Red Pikmin with a box, a Blue Pikmin with a mug, and a Yellow Pikmin with a cup.

Additionally, in 2014, a series of New Super Mario Bros. U plushies will be released. In Wave 2, there will be Red & Yellow Pikmin.

Gamecube Bundle

GC Console-Pikmin
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The Japanese verion of Pikmin 2 came with a gamecube bundle. Consisting on a silver gamecube and controller, an extra green pikmin themed controller, Pikmin 2 a long with a purple pikmin plushy.

Pikmin Books

A few Japanese novels have been written about the Pikmin series, and there are Pikmin and Pikmin 2 gui des. Also, a book to learn how to read with Pikmin was released.

Suction Cup Figurines

Goods 30

Suction cup figurines were released for the first Pikmin game. They are even more rare than the pikmin figures released by Agatsuma.

School Supplies

School supplies
Pencil leds
These include tin pencil cases, markers, erasers, stickers, pens, pencils, notebooks, files, paper, pencil toppers, and mechanical pencil leads.

Key Chains & Cell Phone Straps

A set of Pikmin keychains were released in 2001, this included Olimar, three Pikmin colors, and three pellet colors.

Three Pikmin key chain/cell phone strap products were also released for Pikmin 2. One depicting Olimar and a Red Pikmin, one of the President and a Bulbmin, and one of Louie and a White Pikmin.

Along with the release of Pikmin 3, new Pikmin "keyrings" were released. This includes every Pikmin type (Except purple and white) carrying fruit. The Winged Pikmin, Rock Pikmin, and Blue Pikmin were available as a bonus you got with a preorder of Pikmin 3 at a European store called GAME. The red and Yellow Pikmin were Club Nintendo exclusives only available in Europe.

Takara Tomy Arts is releasing new Pikmin Keychains in Japan as of Summer 2013. There are 9 possible sets to get, these include Olimar with one Pikmin. The Pikmin will either be Red, Blue, or Yellow, and have a leaf, bud, or flower.

Pikmin 3 Keychains were also released, coming with three of each type of pikmin in leaf, bud, and flower form. They were only released in Japan and remote places in Europe.

E-Cards and Pikmin Character Cards

Main article: E-Reader

There are 6 types of Pikmin e-cards, which are the original Pikmin colours and their onions. The three color groups (red, yellow, and blue) unlock puzzle games buried deep in the recesses of the Pikmin 2 game by using Nintendo's Pikmin 2 Puzzle e-cards (requires the use of an E-card reader).

The three games are as follows:

Hikkonuki Pikmin 

The player must pluck every Pikmin from the ground.

Tekuteku Pikmin

Control the Pikmin moving in the same direction and try to get them into the goal.

Tsunagete Pikmin

Move panels around to create a path for the Pikmin so that they can reach a goal.

Pikmin Character Cards Pikmin Character cards were released after Pikmin 3 by Takara Tomy and come packaged with one Pikmin card and a gummy candy.

Pikmin 3 Preorder Exclusives

EB games offered an exclusive Pikmin Clock in a Can with Pikmin 3 preorders.

A European store called GAME offered 1 of 3 keyring with any Pikmin 3 preorder. You could choose from a Winged Pikmin, a Rock Pikmin, and a Blue Pikmin.

Pikmin 3 Patches

Picture 32
Pikmin 3 Patches
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There were also Pikmin 3 patches representing the 3 original Pikmin colors given away at various locations such as E3, and the "Play Pikmin 3 early" Gamestop event.

Club Nintendo Merchandise

For members that achieved Platinum status for the 2012-2013, Nintendo offered a bundle of three posters as a prize. These posters included a The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD one, a Year of Luigi themed one, and a Pikmin 3 one.

Nintendo offered a Pikmin tote bag as well. The product was available the day Pikmin 3 was released in America. On the bag, it features a phrase that reads: "Pikmin tote, attack, multiply, become snacks..."

The Red and Yellow Pikmin keyrings were released as Club Nintendo exclusives in Europe only.

A Pikmin themed T shirt was released as a Club Nintendo reward in Japan.

Pikmin Swing Mascots

Pikmin Swing Mascots
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Takara Tomy released Pikmin Swing Mascots (Pikmin Mascot Furu) licensed by Nintendo, which are rubbery toy Pikmin that come in plastic pots that can wiggle back and forth when shaken. They also fit into an earphone jack. The pot is brown and has Pikmin written on it. Inside the pot is a brown hard plastic made to look like dirt. They are each about 3 inches tall, and consist of a red, yellow, or blue pikmin, each with either a leaf, bud, or flower, totaling to 9 different variants. The flowers/leafs/buds and eyes are not a different color, but a solid color, which is determined by the color of the Pikmin. They can be purchased by the box, which contains 10 of them. 

Pikmin Supplies

Among the merchandise following Pikmin 3's release, Pikmin Business card holders were released in Japan available in different variations.

Tomy also released Pikmin rubber bands, Pikmin adhesive tape, and Pikmin mini Notepads.

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